Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Teaching Tuesdays - Week 15

Christmas is in the air around here and I've implemented my Christmas themed ideas into our school day. 

Nathan is still enjoying his preschool work. 

 He loves doing the Sight Word Searches as we learn sight words.  This was an all time favorite because it is the word "But".  The boys laughed and laughed because we got to say "but".  I tried to explain the difference between "but" and "butt" but they really didn't care; they just thought it was funny.
I did incorporate several Christmas themed worksheets based on things the boys have either already learned or are currently learning.  All of the worksheets I used last were I found over at Kindergarten Hoppenings.  She posted some really great worksheets and I really loved that they were free!

 Nate takes his shirt off frequently.  He tends to be hot or just busy and feels the need to remove it.  On this day they were painting some ornaments that they got in our Christmas Countdown. 
Josh loved the finger painting (which is funny because as a toddler, he wouldn't touch paint or play dough because he didn't like it on his hands) and, once his ornaments were painted, he then painted me several fabulous pictures.  This is pretty awesome because it wasn't long ago that both boys would only color or draw in one color; but now they are finally drawing me some awesome things!

 We also worked on a couple of fun Christmas Crafts one day.  I try to keep our crafts fairly easy and both of these were just perfect.
 The pattern for the Christmas Tree Puppets can be found over at Scholastic.  They really are adorable, aren't they?  The boys are new to paper bag puppets so trying to get them to actually make the puppets "talk" wasn't completely successful but they still liked them.
I found the Christmas light pattern at About Home.  My original idea was to make ornaments but when I saw this pattern, I just printed it on cardstock and let the boys decorate it with Glitter Glue and Scrapbooking cut outs.  I really love how they turned out!