Thursday, November 13, 2014

Heaven - A Short Video

This past Sunday evening at church. the video "Heaven" was shown.  It is the latest teaching, for lack of a better word, put out by Billy Graham.  It is really just the basic concept of why Heaven is so real and why it is so important.
I was totally engrossed in this short video as it played - there really wasn't anyone in the auditorium that wasn't sitting in silence as the reality of what Heaven is was played out on the screen.  It provides real life application along with some powerful messages from Billy Graham (who, quite honestly, reminded me of my dad - back in the 70's HA)  Whether you've been a Christian your "whole" life or you are searching for what the truth of Heave and who Jesus really is - this is a video well worth watching.

Billy Graham has a way with words; a way with reaching people because he met people where they were.  He really does remind me of someone else - This person has a way of always making people feel welcome; getting people to talk to him and making them feel "safe" in that conversation; he can walk into a hospital room and, when he leaves, those facing dire circumstances are left filled with hope knowing that someone cared enough to be Jesus to them that day.  Who is that person?  My dad.  He has that same gift and he would sit down and talk to you about Heaven too - make sure you understand what it is, how important trusting Jesus is, and he would make you feel comfortable while he did it because that is just how he is.

Here's a link to the video . .. Heaven