Friday, March 11, 2016

Weekly Menu - The One I haven't planned

I am sitting here on a Thursday evening realizing that I haven't even thought about what to cook this coming week.  I need to go back to last Sunday when we got to enjoy eating pizza with my brother and sister-in-law, Kelly and Deb plus meeting our new great nephew for the first time (oh, and see his parents haha). 

As of the writing of this, here's what I know:

Saturday - Darryl's working so, I'm already leaning towards him bringing something home like . . .Jet's Pizza :-)  I have considered meeting him in town for dinner so we'll see what happens.

Sunday - We have another missions lunch at church so I don't have to really plan dinner.  I'm in charge of bringing rolls and salad.  I'm going to do a little "salad bar" and make some yeast rolls

Monday - Gymnastics and Choir which means dinner has to be easy.  We all eat at different times in order to make it work out.

Tuesday - Friday . . .I'm still planning.