Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly Menu - the week with some fun stuff

This next week I don't have kids.  None. Zero. Zilch!  On top of that it is Valentine's AND I'm going away to a Scrapbooking crop!!! WHEW   Check out this menu!

Tuesday - We are just eating left over Sloppy Joe's from Sunday.  The kids leave today and I'm hosting ladies meeting so I'll be making a few snacks for the evening anyway.

Wednesday - At Christmas, Darryl and I were given a gift that has allowed us to be able to go away.  So tonight, we are using a gift card to go out to eat before heading to a hotel (thank you priceline and our friends for the gift!)

Thursday - We are spending the day together and have plans to eat out :-)

Friday - Darryl is on his own - I'm leaving to head North to scrapbook the weekend away!

Saturday- Darryl is still on his own!

Sunday - I'm not sure what time I will be home so, if I'm home for dinner, I'll grab something on my way in!

Monday  - The kids come home today so . . .I think I'm just going to make a kid favorite - BBQ Cups, Mac and Cheese, and Chips.

How easy is this week?? I LOVE it!!