Sunday, November 9, 2014

Things My Kids Say

* One of the greatest sounds ever - we were putting the boys to bed one night and Nate started singing a hymn, . . .. he sang the whole thing.  What a joy to hear your kids sing about Jesus as they fall asleep.

* We were driving to down the other day and Josh realized that he could "read" many of the road signs (because every time we drive by an orange road sign, he asks us to read it).  Nate asked him if he could read this sign or that sign, and Josh said, "That one says slow down" and Nate said, "And Kill a worker for money" HA!  You know the signs . .. "Fines doubled in work zones; Kill a worker, 15 years and $7500"  Yes, they have listened, no the did not get it right!

* The boys love going to our big town 'Grand Rackids"  (Grand Rapids).   Nope, I chose not to correct them and yes, we now call it Grand Rackids too!