Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Book Study - It's not Supposed to be This Way

Over the years, I've joined quite a few different book studies and, if I'm honest, most of them (maybe all of them) I've never finished.  I get a chapter or two behind and never catch back up.  This time around a friend of mine decided to do a book study on this book and I decided to join her facebook group and see if I can actually finish strong!

This book caught my attention because I think, for the most part, many of us find ourselves in a place where we realize that the plans we had for our life are not turning out the way we, well, planned.  In reality, that's to be expected because none of us know what curve balls will be thrown into our plans through the years but, how do we respond to those changes is what really defines us.  I'll be honest, I'm not a huge Lysa Terkeurst fan but decided to put that aside and instead look for what I can learn from what she has walked through the past few years.

We've just finished Chapter One and I can honestly say that I already like it.  Does everything apply to me and my life?  No, but I think in a book study, you can glean what does impact you and use that to learn and grow from.  Plus I enjoy reading what others in our group are learning as well.