Thursday, June 28, 2012

Commenting Challenge Topics

Welcome to those of you stopping by from Jennas Journey for her third annual Blog Commenting Challenge.  Some of my regular readers might wonder why this is so much fun . . .well there is really one reason.  If you write a blog, you love to get comments.  It just makes you feel good.  So during this week, it is not only fun to find new blogs to read it also so much fun to have extra comments showing up!

On Tuesday, Jenna's topic was to share why we started our blog.  In July, 2010 I came across a blog called The Sullengers - it had hit facebook because they little 2 year old daughter was fighting for her life after a near drowning incident.  As I saw photos of that little girl laying in a hospital bed, it broke my heart because she reminded me so much of my own little 2 year old boy at the time.  I was beyond heardbroken for the family when I logged in one day to find that little Preslee had passed away.  After realizing how much Ashely's blog had touched me I realized that maybe I had something that would impact someone else.  I did a lot of thining about the title of my blog and, after being asked what I did for a living by someone and having no answer other than "Ummm . .I don't work" . . "The Unworking Mom" was born.  The topics of my blog change - I enjoy sharing things we do as a family, Craft ideas that I find AND actually complete, recipes, homeschool ideas and books that I'm reading.  Writing a blog is sometihng I really enjoy for me personally - it is my "adult conversation" some days in the midst of toddler fun!

On Wednesday, the topic was our media useage - I am only on facebook.  I don't tweet or do any other social networking.  Personally, I enjoy facebook a lot - it keeps me connected to family and friends and I love just reading what people are up to.  I'm also an big fan of Amazon because I love to find free books for my Kindle.  And yes, I greatly enjoy Pinterest.  I tend to be a fast pinner, meaning I just pin ideas that catch my eye, and then I go back later and look at things - sometimes deleting them because they aren't good for various reasons. 

Normally on Thursdays I post about the books I've read in the last week or that I am currently reading but . . .I figured I would answer a couple of these questions today instead.  Next week I plan to get back to my normal Book post :-)