Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tidbit Trays

A few days ago Janelle at Comfy In the Kitchen shared a great idea called "Tidbit Trays".  It was one of those no-brainer ideas that I have never thought of until seeing someone else share the idea. 

I'm not sure what happens in your house but at about 4:00 every afternoon I hear this - "Mom, my tummy is so hungry!"  We always then scrounge for food - cereal, crackers, whatever.  I end up with kids under foot while I try to get dinner made and on the table.  So, when I read the Tidbit Tray post I knew I wanted to try it.  So, yesterday, I heard those words and decided to see what I could throw together.  The point of this tray is to just use what is in your fridge and make a fun little snack.  My goal is to keep it healthy so that if the kids fill up on it and don't eat a lot of dinner, it is ok.  On Tuesday, I pulled out Strawberries, Grapes, Animal Crackers and sliced cheese.  Everything was eaten except all of the grapes.  I love it too because I'm usually hungry and this is an easy way for all of us to snack. 

Yep - they loved it ;-)  See how fast that hand is moving!!  The boys munched over the next hour, then went out side and played - leaving me to get dinner on the table.  What a great solution!

I plan on keeping this as something in our plan - some days we eat dinner between 4:30-5:00 so it isn't something we will use every day but my goal is to keep things on hand to use like animal crackers, pretzels, gold fish crackers, all kinds of fruit, cheese.  My kids aren't veggie eaters so I'm going to try and get creative with that too and also some dried fruit.  I also want to find a tray to use that become our "Tidbit Tray" so when the kids see it on the table they know what it is!