Saturday, February 27, 2016

Family Fun - The Start of Nate's Birthday

This is the first year in several that Nate and/or I have not been so ill that we skipped his birthday.  (The poor kid!)  This year we were healthy and really enjoyed celebrating this wonderful 6 year old!

We started Nate's celebration week with a birthday party with the Munchkin and Princess.  The 17th was the last day they would both be at the house so we celebrated with cake and gifts. 

 The boys love getting to decorate their own cake for their "friend party".  Nate helped me make the cake - he picked out a carrot cake.  Which was just weird since this kid is so picky and won't eat any veggies.  Yet, he loves carrot cake.  And yes, the more sprinkles the better!
 Oh my, the candles.  He put 60 candles on his cake because, well, he is six.  Some of the candles were almost burned out by the time I got the last one lit!

 Time for gifts from his friends! 

He got a couple of matchbox cars and a rocket.  It was one that shot in the air with a foot pump.  We only lost it behind the desk once ;-)

I'm so thankful that he got to finally enjoy a fun start to his birthday!