Saturday, August 26, 2017

Our week in Photos #10

It's hard to believe we are coming to the end of "summer".  We had a busy weekend to start out the week though!

Saturday the boys and I met my mom in town so they could head back to her house with her for a few days.  I enjoyed something I rarely get to do - I went shopping.  It was fun :-)  Then Darryl and I met for dinner before heading home.

Sunday - Darryl had a concert; We spent the rest of the day out for our anniversary; The boys started VBS at FBC in Linden!

 The boys love VBS at my parents church. Love. it.   They look forward to it all year long and day one did not disappoint.  It started with a cook out.  Then one of my college friends is the speaker/teacher and he told me the boys were "totally tuned in".  Then they got to play water games - one of the men in the church is a firefighter so he brought "his" truck and sprayed the huge slip-n-slide.  I can't wait to see pictures from the rest of the week :-)

 While the boys are with my mom, Darryl and I started our day with an Alive concert.  I always enjoy watching Darryl do what he loves so much - play his guitar. It was a beautiful morning for an outdoor concert.

We then escaped for the day to one of our favorite places - South Haven.  We started with lunch at a place we love - Maria's.  Normally when we go there with the kids we just get pizza but this time we got actual entrees and they did not disappoint.  From there we took off walking (the wrong direction because I'm awful at directions HA!) and got a great iced coffee drink before we continued walking (in the wrong direction  . .. Darryl should always look at the location of things before we walk, just saying!).  We (Darryl) did figure out fairly quickly that we were totally going the wrong way so we then walked much further than we needed to in order toe get to our planned boat ride.  It was worth it though - the boat ride out on Lake Michigan was so much fun.  We got to see the great beach from a different view point as well as homes - both tiny ones and HUGE ones.  Such a relaxing fun way to spend the afternoon.  Our walk back to the car was much shorter since we went the right way ;-)  LOL  It was a great get away!

Monday - "A Total Eclipse of the  . .. Sun" :-)  I shared photos the other day but our big excitment for the day was, well, the Eclipse!

Tuesday - I got to do something I never get to do . . .I went to a movie.  Alone.  Darryl was working, my boys were with my mom and the kids I watch were with their grandma.  The movie choice was limited so I picked something that looked good but, what I didn't realize was that it had sub-titles HA!  The movie was in french.  It was actually a pretty good movie despite the sub-titles.

Wednesday - Today was a quiet day :-)  I met my mom and the boys for dinner on their way back into town.

Thursday-Friday - We had pretty quiet days.  It's been much cooler these past two days so we've hung out at home.