Sunday, December 21, 2014

Things My Kids Say

* When we went to the Live Nativity, we explained what it was before we went.  As we were driving there, Josh pipes up with, "Are we going to the Activia now?" To which Nate replied, "It's not an Activia, it's a Live Activity!" HA!  When we started our 12 days of Christmas Advent cards, we asked the boys if they remembered where Jesus was born, and Nate said, "YES!  He was at the Live Activity - we saw him there!"  It's just too cute to correct! 

*On the way home from AWANA the other night, the boys piped up with, "Mom, did you know that dad is a sinner?".  I ask them, why, of course.  Their response?  "Don't you remember, mom, that one time when dad touched the piano and didn't wash his hands?  Then we told him to wash his hands and he said they were clean.  He's a liar because they weren't clean which means he is a sinner."  LOL  Well, at least they have the concept, right?