Sunday, December 8, 2013

Things My Kids say

* Phrases heard in our house while decorating trees: 1) "Mom, I need more hookers; I think about 5 should do it." 2) "Mom, are we out of hookers?" and 3) "Mom, there are sure a lot of hookers in this house today." That is all I have to say

* Nate informed me one day that he wanted Mac and Cheese and Spaghetti for dinner. I said, "Well, you must really love pasta!" to which he replied, "Mom, I don't like Pasta at all, I just like Mac and Cheese and Spaghetti."  

* I love how Kids don't always say words right and I seldom correct them - they will learn soon enough.  Josh was trying to fix something recently so he had to go get the "Pleasers"  . . also known as Pliers :-)

* Josh and Nate are very into telling things they remember such as Nate telling the store when "Dad and Josh were babies, Mom and I went to the jungle and saw a monkey with a hole in its head."  I can tell you, we've never been to a jungle nor have we seen a monkey with a hole in its head.  Josh was looking at photos from 2012 and asked me about one where Nate was crying.  I told him it was because his hands were so cold that they hurt.  He looked at me and said, "No mom, you don't know your photos.  He's crying because he was scared of the snow."  I hate to be the one to correct him but I was right ;-) LOL

* We have entered the "never" stage . .. such as . . "We have NEVER eaten that before" (even though we ate it yesterday), "We have NEVER done that before" (even though we did it last week), "You will NEVER be ready to  . . ." (even though I'm ready to do whatever in less than 30 seconds) and "I will NEVER get to do that again" (even though they get to do it tomorrow all over again) HA!

*The boys "discovered" the outside decorations that were "leftover" in the garage the other day and quickly started decorating.  I was informed that if we didn't use them all AND put the candy canes in the ground, it would NOT be Christmas.  Oh, and then they found the one strand of lights I did not use in the house and informed me again that they had to be used.  I'm so glad they love Christmas.

*Nate informed us that we needed to wash the truck windows because they were "rusty".  (umm . . Dusty?)

* We took the boys to see a movie and afterwards were talking about where to get dinner.  We mentioned Chinese food, which Josh wanted, but then we said we were sure if we wanted to go there.  Josh said, "Why?  doesn't dad want to eat dog food?"  . . ..I laughed so hard, why?  Because our dog's name is China so Josh will ask if we are going to eat at China's restaurant when we say something about Chinese . .. so to him, it makes perfect sense that it is "dog" food.  I should also say that to him, eating Chinese food is going some place where you get to fill your own plate AND you get ice cream when you go - since the only Chinese restaurant he has been to is a buffet :-)