Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Birthday !

Here is what we did for my birthday . . . with just a couple of photos thrown in :-)

 Darryl took the boys shopping on Thursday for my "Birthday Party".  On Friday evening, they cooked a great dinner - Steaks, Baked Potatoes, and Strawberry pretzel salad.  After dinner, I was put in the bathroom and told to "Stay there mom, we have to hide".  Darryl and the boys hid behind the couch and shouted "surprise" when I walked into the living room.  Super cute!  The boys picked out special gifts for me - Nate got me a beautiful plant and Josh picked out the garden light.  It looks so cute by our porch.

On Saturday, Darryl took me away for the day.  We started with lunch at Smashburger, some place we have never been and really loved :-)  Then we headed downtown Grand Rapids where, thanks to the fantastic weather, we walked around downtown for about an hour (My husband loves Grand Rapids history; I love being with my husband so it all works out LOL) before going to the Civic Theatre to see "Anne of Green Gables.".  It was an awesome play and we really enjoyed it.  It was dinner time so Darryl took me to Bonefish Grill - a place I really love but Darryl, not so much.  My meal was great; Darryl's wasn't so it ended up being a cheap dinner since they comped us for his meal.  :-)  Finally it was time to shop!  My gifts are pictured above:
1) An electric can opener - I've wanted one for awhile plus mine was in pieces so it was a must.  I LOVE it - makes opening all of those cans for lasagna so much easier :-)
2) An Ice Cream Maker - This has been on my list for about 3 years and I figured if no one else is going to buy me one, I will buy it myself!.  So far we've made vanilla ice cream and I just made a batch of Strawberry ice cream today to use up the milk/cream so it would be wasted.  I love having home made ice cream in the freezer instead of cartons of store bought stuff!
3) A couple of soundtracks.  Darryl took me to Baker Christian Books so we could have coffee at their coffee shop and then I wondered around the store for a good hour. 
4) An external Hard Drive - I've been waiting for my birthday to buy this - I needed it for picture back-up

I really had a great birthday and am already looking forward to next year!