Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Bridal Shower

I decided I better get this post up about the Bridal shower I recently co-hosted before the wedding gets here in just two short weeks! 

My niece, Alicia, is getting Married in May and we are all beyond excited about the big day.  My mom, Sister-in-law, and I worked together to throw the shower at my parents church on Saturday, April 7th.   This shower is unique because my Brother and his family live in Brazil and my parents church is their sending church.  They happen to be home this year on furlough; my niece graduated from Cedarville University almost a year ago and comes "home" periodically to my parents church.  Because of living in Brazil for so many years before college, that church is really her "home" church.  We had a great turnout and had a lot of fun. 

I'll begin with the decor and food and then share the fun photos!!

 The centerpieces on the table - all homemade :-)  Her colors for the wedding are Lime Green with some accents (like black)
 I did a dessert bar - not a "cake" so instead I made this "cake" for the table and it was also part of my gift to her.
I managed to find wrapping paper that matched the decor so I wrapped a couple of random boxes to use for height on the table.  I made Mountain Dew Cupcakes as one of the desserts.  The cupcake toppers and wrappers were from PrintCreateCelebrate and they were fantastic!! She was wonderful to work with, was able to customize what I wanted and her turn around time was quick!

 The dessert Table :-) We had cupcakes, cookies, a Chocolate Trifle, Brown Sugar Coffee Cake, and Texas Sheet Cake.  Plus we had set out some candy too. 
 The Gift table
The kisses on the table with little messages on the bottom of each one.
 Props for some of the activities
 The food!!  We had Chicken Pasta Salad, Caramel Apple Salad, Bread sticks from a local Italian place, Veggies and Dips, Pickles and Olives and then the dessert table.  The punch was my favorite - my Sister-in-Law's Green Kool-aid Punch!
Part of the decor on the table - The Bride and Groom's  (to be) Monogram.

Now for a few photos from the actual shower itself.  This is my sister-in-law (the bride-to-be's mom) Debby.   
And . . the Bride-to-be - my niece Alicia  
 The ladies were so generous!!  Alicia received so many nice, practical and fun gifts!! (That is my mom helping her . . .making a great face HA!)
 I had to share this photo - my mom quilts.  She makes beautiful quilts and, considering the fact that she "Said" she couldn't sew buttons on when we were growing up, well, she makes profession level quilts.  This was her gift to Alicia - the photo doesn't do it justice!
Finally - three of my nieces - Marisa, Kate, and Alicia.  Such fun girls!

The shower was fun - my favorite line of the day came from Marisa (who is 19) . . "Aunt Jackie, if you are still alive when I get married, you need to plan my wedding".  Seriously, Marisa, do you not plan to get married until you are 60?  I mean, I do plan do be around for a LONG time.  And wait, it gets better.  Then she said, "I don't care if my parents are still alive as long as you are so you can make everything" HAHAHAHAH  Oh, Marisa - that is why I love you!

So now, the wedding!  We are working on trying to get the boys to understand the importance of being ring bearer's as the final touches are being put together with the wedding.  It will be a great day!