Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Teaching Tuesday - Just about the time I think I can breath . . .

I've finding it hard to believe that it is November.  Two full months of school have gone by and just about the time I have a routine, something new gets added to our day and it messes with my plan.  I continue to learn ways to get the boys lessons done in an efficient way that ensures they learn everything they need to while keeping my sanity.  For example, both boys have art each week and there is always an art project that they are technically supposed to do.  Well, lets face it, when it comes to art if one boy is doing it, they will both want to do it.  Now, each week, I'm picking the best art project of the two and we are doing that one together.  It exposes them to the same thing and allows them to do art.  I'm also working on putting together morning work folders which includes some practice worksheets but also their weekly workbook pages since trying to do them during their lessons is not working. 

But, putting all of that aside, this is one of the reasons I love homeschooling.

Josh had some workbook pages to work on so he asked if he could sit outside and do them.  Of course I said yes.  He sat out there and completed everything while soaking up the sun.  I love that my kids can work anywhere - where ever they are comfortable - to accomplish their tasks.

This is where we spend a lot of time (well, especially me - hours and hours some days!)  It's our little computer corner.  I'm working on getting a smell computer desk (about the size of a tray table or so) that will sit between their actual desks so that the boys can sit at their desks and do computer work instead of being stuck in this corner.  And yes, doing school in PJ's is another advantage to homeschooling :-)

Each week the boys have Live Lessons where they doing a "class" with their teacher and "classmates" around the state.  Josh has an absolutely fabulous teacher who threw a Halloween Party on Friday.

Yes, Nate got to participate too.  To say they were excited was an understatement.  Josh's teacher supplied us via e-mail with Bingo cards and  he had parents send in pictures of our kids in costumes so he could share those during the class time too.  Playing Bingo was a huge hit, followed by a fun Halloween Video and then the teacher turned on the Webcams so the kids could stand up in their costumes and see what everyone looked like.  It was so great!! 

This week we are working hard to stay on top of our studies and even get a lesson or two ahead as the boys get to spend some time with both sets of Grandparents in the coming month.