Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekly Menu

We have another week of fun things coming up!   First, the kids are going to be with Papa and Nana for a few days.  I'm taking advantage of not babysitting right now and instead of my mom coming here for the day while I scrapbook, I'm sending my kids to her house for a few days so I can get some things done around here and have a "kid break" :-)  Second, this coming weekend is our annual trip to Metro Beach to celebrate the anniversary of when we got engaged.

Here's our food plan for the week:

Monday:  Time to get the grill going!  Hamburgers and  Sweet potatoes (in the crock pot!).

Tuesday:  Duke's :-)  This is a favorite restaurant of ours; it isn't super kid friendly so we tend to only go when the kids are gone!

Wednesday: We have a Red Lobster gift card to finish up so I plan to do some shopping in town, meet Darryl for dinner and actually go to practice with him - it isn't something I get to do often :-)

Thursday: Steak on the Grill YUM!  Baked Potatoes, and garlic bread

Friday: Heading to my parents for dinner

Saturday: Our annual trip to Metro Beach - we eat lunch at National Coney Island (per tradition) and will eat dinner somewhere out.

Sunday: At the parents for the day :-)

Monday: I think I'll plan Tacos - easy to make after a busy weekend and after grocery shopping during the day.

Hard to believe that Easter comes next!!  I guess I had better start thinking about what's for Easter dinner :-)