Thursday, January 29, 2015

Recap of January 2015

I realize that there are still a few days left in the month but I wanted to post about what I accomplished in January (or, maybe more accurately, what I did NOT accomplish HA!  )  If you would like to read the full hashed out version of the January goals, you can click HERE otherwise just read on to discover the full excitement (total sarcasm!) of my January.

First up I ended up with some unexpected free days.  One of those was the day that I did not babysit and I took the boys out for the day, which was so much fun, allowed me to accomplish a few tasks (return something and get new pillows - both items on my not written down to do list!) and gave me time with just the boys.  The other three days were day without kids - Sunday-Tuesday.  Sunday, Darryl and I had a great date day.  We enjoyed good food, had set aside a tiny amount of money to each be able to pick up a couple of shirts on clearance, and just be able to enjoy a day out.  Monday, we hung around home . .. it was quiet and we just got to sit around and do not much of anything!  Then Tuesday, it was just me at home - a rare occurance which I loved.  I still had to do a little grocery shopping and some general pick up but, for the most part, I just used the day to do some serious planning for the next few months including making sure that I had dates written in on my calender for things like scrapbooking and church events and concerts for both Darryl and I.  (I even found one double booking - oops).  Free days to me - especially unexpected free days - are always just a wonderful thing.  A much needed break from being needed all of the time :-)

Next up, January goal recap.

1) The basement.  I had great plans to get the basement done.  Seriously.  Especially on those free days but, no, I didn't touch it on those days!  In my head I know that once I get started, the basic clean up won't take more than an hour (not the deep down declutting/re-organizing - that will take longer) but actually doing it - not on my list of fun things HA!  I did find the floor tiles I want to use on the play room side and even picked up a pack to make sure they would really work and I picked up a simple shelving unit since it was on a great sale at Menards (you can't beat $15.00)  I actually really do plan to work on it this coming Saturday which is technically still January.  I'd like to get the good will stuff out of play room and make the room usable for the boys again since they have been asking to play down there.  So, the basement will still be on the list in February  . . .and really, the complete organization/clean out will probable take several months :-)

2) I feel like a did a lot in the kitchen yet when I read through my actual goal list - I didn't mark much off.  I did some reorganizing in the cupboards but not every one; I did some deep cleaning but yet the windows still need to be clean; I know what I want to hang on the wall in the stairwell but I haven't really looked at getting it done.  Same with the dining room . . .it's clean and organized but then I looked up and saw dust bunnies on the fan HA!  Oh well, what doesn't get done this month will get tackled the next time I deep clean those rooms in a couple of months.

3) School - I made a master list of various curriculum ideas for 1st grade for Josh and even some different ideas for Nate for K-5 next year.  I'm already working through the ideas and picking out what I feel will be best for the boys.  I'm fully planning on attending the INCH homeschool conference in May that is local to me and want to be able to actually see some of that curriculum and, who knows, be able to buy some at a good price too.  Looking at curriculum gets me all excited about what is to come in the next year . . .yet I still have half a year to still get through - yep, it is the nerdy teacher in me!!  Another area I was supposed to conquer was the paper clutter involved with homeschool!  I have an idea to work with but I have yet to empty the drawer and clean stuff out!  As far as planning stuff for January - our Fridays were already busy so I didn't plan anything extra.  I'm ok with that too.

4) Daily Routines - I used January to get an idea of what I do daily and what I should do daily.  My morning routine is pretty simple - get up, have my devotions, breakfast, get laundry going; The afternoon routine - clean up after lunch, prep for dinner, and do the swish and swipe in the bathroom (I discovered the bathroom is the messiest right after lunch - everyone has brushed teeth, washed hands and all that fun stuff so the bathroom needs a quick wipe down).  Daily Routines are things like specific laundry tasks each day (I do laundry every day M-F but I need to do double loads on Monday to make up for the weekend, wash rugs on Tuesday, Sheets on Wednesday, quilts/bedding on Thursday, and towels on Friday.), changing sheets, emptying all of the trash cans, cleaning out the fridge, ect.

5) Family - Can I just say that I love my little family?  Cause, well, I do. We did some fun things this month - like going to Catch Air.  We also had a friend over one day, made a trip to the ER (ok, that was just excitement more than fun!)  built train circles and learned to read.  Not to mention a trip to Papa and Nana's house for sledding and a trip to the Children's Museum and even getting to spend a birthday with their favorite person in the whole world. Kate.  When I looked at my list of goals for January . . .wow, the only thing we kinda did was play games.  Several afternoons, the boys pulled out games and we played.  I like that they are getting old enough to understand the rules and even, sometimes, play by the REAL rules.  :-)  Oh, and I also crossed off a very old, outdated item off of my to do list . . .I finally opened Nate's savings account.  I actually remembered to take all of the paperwork with me to the bank one day and opened it up.  I have a goal this year to add a little bit each month to each of their savings account.  Honestly, these accounts are their college fund accounts.  My goal is to have enough in them to help cover the first year of college for each of them. .. .nope, not aiming high at all ;-) 

6) Holidays - I thought about the things on the list but did nothing :-)

7) Misc - 1. Quiet Time/Prayer Time - I've enjoyed a great month in the word - I've done my Bible Study most days (yep, I missed a few and that is ok), started a prayer journal and already have recorded some answers to those specific prayer requests.  Scripture memory is still my weakness.  I put the verses on the wall but forget to look at them ;-)
2) Finances - I did write January's budget and stuck to it pretty closely; Our taxes are almost done - just waiting for a couple of papers to arrive in the mail so I can finish them up.
3) Music - I have practice piano more this month than I have in a very long time.  I have to play offetory this coming Sunday so I need to focus on one song :-)  I also have to sing in a couple of weeks - we had planned for Darryl to play for me but then realized he has a concert that same morning so I had to switch songs. 
 4) Scrapbooking - I did nothing.  I was supposed to go scrapbooking for an entire day BUT it can rescheduled due to some nasty weather and I couldn't go on the next date. 
5) Misc - Specifically I have four "private" goals.  I can tell you that 2 of the four I am on perfect track with but the other two, well February is a new month :-) 

So that is January :-)  Next week I'll post my February goals . . .I know, you can't wait, can you?