Thursday, July 13, 2017

What I'm Reading

 I'm currently reading this book entitled Sensible Shoes.  Several months ago, I attended a book signing where the author spoke about another book in this series so, of course, I picked up all three books in the series to read.  It is book about 4 women from different walks in life and with different backgrounds who sign up for a Bible Study at a retreat center where they strive to learn more about God - a true Spiritual Journey.  I started reading this book right after I got it but found that it was a little heavy for me at the time - it is a book I actually have to be able to concentrate on as I read because it has some deeper meanings in it as well as to keep the characters straight as it jumps from person to person.  Now that I'm a good way into it, though, I find that it is an enjoyable read and I love seeing the characters change and grow.  One of the analogies that I really connected with is connected to the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well.  In life, we all have wells that we can chose to drink from but they don't offer a true refreshing drink.  As the author wrote of one of the characters, "She had drawn from the well of material possessions, but that well was filled with salt water, making her crave more and more.  She had drawn from the well of approval and acceptance, but that well was unpredictable.  She never knew if there would be water or not, and even when she managed to draw some out, her bucket leaked.  She couldn't hold it.  It didn't last."  Just that idea really struck me because it's true!  I struggle with wanting more (material possessions) but it really is like salt water because if you get a new car, it isn't long before you want a bigger house, or a new toy, ect.  Learning to be content and instead focus on Jesus is really the only true "water source".

One of the things I enjoy about this book is that it is a fiction book but there are some great Biblical truths to grasp onto as well.  There are also some devotional pages through out at the end of sections in the book (I will admit, I have skipped those as I just want to read!)