Saturday, February 8, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos #6

We had another quiet week but I did actually take some photos!

Saturday - Wow, I don't even remember what we did on Saturday.  I think we just hung out at home.

Sunday - Super bowl!  We enjoyed some pregame, eating snacks, and watching the game. 

Monday - We worked hard on school and then Nate and I headed to TKD.
Tuesday - Another full day of School

Wednesday - The boys had an orthodontist appointment (I just realized I didn't take our normal photo after their appointment!)  and then our friends had a half day so the kids all played together.  Josh and Nate had AWANA in the evening.

Thursday - We got SNOW!  Finally.  AND it was a pretty snow - the big fluffy snow flakes.  The boys ended up spending almost an hour and a half outside.

Friday - Friday School!

That's our week!