Sunday, September 2, 2018

Summer Fun 14

That's a wrap folks!  Who knew 14 weeks of summer could go by so fast!! I did not make a list at the start of this week but instead just figured I go with the flow and that worked out just perfectly.

So, here's a quick recap of our past week.

 After seeing the weather report (90's and humid) on Sunday, Darryl suggested we make a trip to our favorite beach in Muskegon to enjoy the water.  It was a little crazy because there was a heavy layer of fog.  Also, from Saturday to Sunday the water temps dropped about 25 degrees so, yes, the water was cold BUT we are die hard Lake Michigan fans so we swam!!!! 

 I knew the pool would be pretty empty on Monday since the public schools are back in session around here so I took my camera and got some photos of the boys in our "summer home" - the pool at the campground. 
 On Wednesday, my mom took us out to dinner in the next town over where there is a Dairy Queen (Best onion rings ever!).  There is also a little lake there that people enjoy swimming in - we wanted to see it.  It really is a nice beach with a great swim area - which the boys had to try out!!  They love to swim! 
A cold front moved through and Thursday there were temps in the 60's.  Instead of swimming, we met some of our homeschool friends at a local park for a few hours of park fun.  

We ended our week on Friday back in the pool.  Our two little friends who are with us each day didn't have school so they got one "for sure" day in the pool.  The weather was perfect, the pool was perfect, and we met some new friends which is always great. 

Saturday was a quiet day - some nice size storms rolled in mid-morning and the rain hung around all day so we didn't go swimming.  Darryl and I got to go out to dinner together while my mom hung out with the boys.  It was a super relaxing day! 

So, this brings an end to my weekly Summer Fun posts and I'll return to my "Our Week in Photos" posts.  

Here's to a great fall!