Sunday, December 5, 2010

This and That

We are slowly digging out from under the lovely stomach bug Darryl and I both suffered through; we are slowly figuring out a plan for the next several months now that Darryl's job of 8 years is gone; we recovered from my losing control on the expressway when I hit black ice (but thankfully God protected the kids and I and kept us from hitting anything!); we are slowly regrouping from a vacation that threw us some curve balls - but isn't that all part of life?  I'd actually really like to go somewhere like this :
But I don't think that will be happening anytime soon :-)

I don't have a great blog to post tonight but I thought I would give you a little lead in to what is coming up over the next week or so.  I tried a new recipe today for a great Holiday Pound Cake - it is sooo good! Not to mention a cookie recipe that turned out and .. one that didn't but you might like it anyway!  I'll be sharing those recipes later this week.  I put together some cute Christmas activities for my kids that we will be working on this week that I will share too!  Plus I finished all of the books I wanted to read by the end of the year so I'll finish reviewing those, let you know what else I've been reading and let you know what books I plan to conquer for the 1st quarter of 2011!!  Something I'm SOOO excited about is a "Mini-Solutions" workshop I'm attending tomorrow that teachings how to have "Life on Purpose".  I promise to share all of the ideas I get plus the lists I've been working on that you can use to plan things for the upcoming year!  Just so many great things I want to share with all of you :-)  Not to mention I still have some Christmas Decorations to show you, my front porch to "show off" (it really is quit simple this year), a 1st birthday party coming up, and a couple final steps in that Holiday Control Journal that I didn't touch on previously (such as making lists for next year, changes I plan to make to my plan from this year, and the "undecorating" plan as well!)  I had better get my camera and my fingers busy this week (I like to write multiple posts at night but our schedule has recently changed so I'm having to figure out how to fit things back in!) and speaking of cameras, I've noticed that the Canon Rebel seems to be a camera that many people love . . . I think I need to save my money, I really need a better camera!  OOOOHHH And I ordered my Christmas Cards from Shutterfly that I got for free for blogging . . . I can't WAIT to see them.  I promise to share the final product once I actually get them mailed :-)

That is my randomness for tonight as I wait for my husband to get off the phone so that we can finish watching Amazing Race . .. but it is already past our bedtime (4:00 comes very early!) so . .. we'll see!

Good night :-)