Sunday, March 25, 2012

Homeschool Haven

Just as clarification with this post - sometimes ideas may seem "old" due to being associated with a Holiday but I add to this post over several weeks until I have enough ideas to make it worthwhile to publish so . . like with the first item I am posting, it is just an idea to remember for the future even though the holiday has already passed us by!

This first idea is from Mom to 2 posh lil divas and is a perfect idea to do along with President's day - it is a penny experiment.  Considering how much my kids love pennies, I know they would enjoy this idea.

Sometimes I just like to save a post because I like the ideas and don't want to have to search for it (because, lets be real, if you think you can actually find a post you want to find 3 months later, you are dreamin'!)  So this idea is for Tot Boxes and comes from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

I know I've shared an idea from this series from Spell Out Loud before but this Humpty Dumpty idea is just too cute not to share. 

I think this book is so adorable and Totally Tots shares some cute ideas to go right along with it.

I really do love the idea of sensory tubs and have made a few of my own over the past year or so.  I want to do more to go with our homeschool plans this fall so I love finding cute new ideas like this Bee Tube from Counting Coconuts.  (As a reminder to myself - March would be a great month to do a butterlfy theme since the Butterflys are blooming at "The Garden" . . .it's a great place to visit!)

One of the favorite books in our house is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - the boys can "read" it out loud they love it so much.  When I saw this great idea over at Thats What Che Said, well I had to post it here both for my sake and for yours!!

I really like this idea for a journal, even for a child who can't write yet, from The Princess and the Tot.  I think that I might add this idea to our curriculum for this fall.

You may remember that last summer we planted a small garden so when I saw this idea from A Pumpkin and a Princess, it struck me as something perfect to get before the beginning of summer.  What a great project for the boys to work on!

I'm not really sure how this fits into teaching but it would be just a fun activity to do with the boys . . maybe Art? HA!  A little while ago I came across this great blog called All for the Boys - she offers up some great all boy ideas; this one included - smash 'em up cars!

One of the problems I haven't solved until now is how to store printables especially since I want to start preparing them soon for the start of preschool this fall.  1+1+1=1 has come through again with this perfect solution.  No more trial and error for me - I'm going to be picking up supplies soon!

One final idea for this post comes from Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and it is really just some great ideas for homeschooling.  She gives a list of 10 great helps for beginner homeschoolers as well as many links to other resources. 

I didn't realize that I haven't posted this since February so there are some "old" ideas on here to use for next year!