Wednesday, June 5, 2019

My Kids Summer Plan (Or at least my plan for my kids summer plan!)

Every summer, I always create a plan for my kids.  Some type of goals for them to achieve throughout the summer.  Lets keep it real, we never succeed HA!  But, that doesn't stop me from trying!  I used to plan out school review activities and print off booklets, put it all in binders and plan for them to work on it every day.  Well, my kids don't love school (even homeschoolers don't always love school!) so this concept has never worked well!  Instead, they have some "chunks" they have to do each week.  They can do it all in one day or spread it out over the week but it has to be done! 

Here's the plan.
1. Read for 15 minutes a day - this is for Library rewards.  It has to be done to turn their name in! 
2. Practice Cursive - this was school year goal but we didn't get far.  Instead, they will have three worksheets to do a week. 
3. Math Minute - we worked on these during the year so we will just continue.  Again, 3 pages a week is all they have to do.
4. Work on extra Awana pages - this is specifically for Nate who has a goal to finish extra books.
5. Practice the piano 3 days a week - they will have a song to work on, review their old songs, and also work on learning their notes inside and out.  We are taking the summer off from regular lessons but they have to keep working a little to be ready for fall.

It's a pretty simple plan.  I'm in the process of making a check sheet for each of them to they can mark off each item as they finish it.  If you hear screaming at the end of the week - it's because I've told me kids about this plan HA!