Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things My Kids Say

* We were visiting my parents and attending my brother's church.  After church, we were sitting in the living room when my sister-in-law walked in; Nate looked at her and said, "Hey, you were at church with me!" .  He hasn't quite made the connection that the "lady" at church is also his aunt!

* Trying to get Nate to eat fruit is not an easy task.  He has told us for months that he only likes Blackberries.  At Sunday dinner with my family, Josh noticed that his Aunt Lynnette had made a fruit salad and said, "Look Nate, it's your favorite, Blackberries!" And gave him one.  To his credit, Nate took a tiny bite but then said, "My teeth are just not ready to eat this yet." HA!  When we got home he told me his teeth will only eat them at home.  That Stinker!

*  We drove through a terrible storm recently.  Josh informed me that what was happening was simply that the clouds had upset tummies and were peeing on us.  Nice.

* Josh also thanked me for driving through the storm, it was something he had always wanted to do.  For real??? Well, until we were still in it 45 minutes later and he informed we should have stayed at the church where there wasn't a storm ;-)

* I was reminded recently that Josh used to call Nate, "Eat".  I'm sad to know that he figured out how to pronounce his brother's name right.  Nate calls Josh, "Dosh" :-)

* Nate wanted me to open a can of play dough; Darryl offered to open it but Nate said, "No, I want mom to open it because she is my favorite."  I will take that any day of the week!!  He then told me that I am his best buddy :-)

* At dinner one night, I said something in passing about the boys eating their dinner; Josh piped up and said, "Did you just say I'm in charge mom?" LOL  (Remember last week - he thinks he gets to be in charge.)  I reminded him that no, he is not in charge, dad is in charge.  That is when Nate piped up and said, "No Mom, YOU are in charge."  Again, I'm not about to argue that one!! HA!

* Josh's new favorite thing is to say  "actually".  For example, I will say, "Josh please do not hit your brother again."  Josh will say, "I actually did not hit him".  Well, of course, I saw him hit him so I will say, "Yes I saw you hit him".  But he will reply, "No, you actually did not see me hit him, my arm just got in his way.".  Well, son, actually, mom is right. ;-) LOL

* Nate saw me changing the cat litter one day and just wanted to watch.  Then he got all excited because I was going to add more "Cat Lish" to the box.  I tried not to laugh out loud . . . he'll ask me periodically if I need to add more Cat Lish to the Cat box now. . .. I just smile and enjoy mispronunciations for now :-)

* My husband and I have always joked that when the boys are older, Josh will be the "instigator" and dare Nate to do things to ensure that He (Josh) won't get in trouble for doing it first.  Nate, of course, will try anything (well, except fruit HA) and has no fear.  Well, I heard it one morning last week (11.21.13).  I was sitting in the Living Room one Morning when I heard this conversation coming from the boys bedroom.
Josh: Nate, go see if it is daylight out yet.
Nate: What?
Josh: Go on Nate, go look and see if it's daytime.
Nate: Ok, I'll look under the door first.
Josh: No, open the door and look.
Nate: . .. . Ok . .. (and the door opens) HA!