Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too Cute Not Too Toot

This is a really cute and easy Shamrock decor item from Kristie Koo.  Isn't it cute?

I love this idea from A Creative Princess and have scene it on other blogs as well.  I'm so glad to see this though, so I can save it here for my own benefit!!  One of my upcoming simplify items has to do with the dining room and Tot Time - this will fit in perfectly.

This idea from Crafting in the Rain is something new that I haven't seen before.  I really like it though, and think it would look neat in my bathroom or even my new kitchen . . .
Ok, I've steered away from Easter ideas as much as possible because it is still so far away but, when I saw this - I loved it.  Check out this great tutorial from Krafty Kat for a faux chocolate egg tree.

Subway art is huge in blogland.  I'm saving so many of them to print and use in the future.  Here is one for the bathroom from Our House By the Side of the Road
We didn't do anything for Dr. Seuss's birthday this year more because I didn't realize it until the day of!  But, I have saved this idea for next year from Mom Endeavors.  What a great family memory and something awesome to look back at in the years to come.

This is a super cute kid activity for St. Patricks Day - or for anytimeMeetthedubiens gives an easy musical idea :-)
She also gives another idea for a neat Leprechaun Handprint Craft.  I'll be adding this to my plans for next year.

I think I showed a version of this balloon wreath a long time ago (If I didn't . . .well there is a link to the original tutorial in this post too!) but the version from Who's Watching the Baby is super cute and takes half the balloons :-)  I love her "re-usuable" mantle idea for birthdays too!!
Chocolate, Drool and Kisses gives an adorable (and easy) tutorial for making letters.  This would be a great gift for showers or even a kids birthday - their name for the wall. 

I know, I know, this is an Easter idea but I really like this one too from Southern Scraps so I wanted to post it here for my own sake :-) 

Easter crafts are really popping up all over blogland so I guess I'll just embrace it. This is a really cute wreath idea using plastic eggs from This is My Life.  She gives a step by step tutorial which makes it look pretty simple.
I was reading through a blog I recently starting following, A Little Tipsy, and came across this post for making cute bibs from old t-shirts or toddler shirts.  They really are a cute idea for a baby gift - something original.  (disclaimer - this is an older post with an outdated giveaway but just scroll down for the full tutorial on the bibs!) What a cool dad gift too - follow me on this one; buy two t-shirts, one for dad to wear and than use the matching one to make a bib :-) 

This next idea is two in one :-)  This is a really cute idea for both Valentine's Day and St Patricks Day.  This link from Infarrantlycreative takes you to the original full tutorial for her Valentine's Countdown board.

You'll need that tutorial (at least I did) to fully get the gist of how to make this adorable St Patricks Day Version

If you follow me long you'll hear about my list of 40x40 and making a necklace is on that list.  So, when I saw this one over at Craftomaniac I figured I'd better post it here so I can find it later!
Here's a cute craft idea to make stackable boxes for you little ones from Crafts by Mommy.  She hot glued the lids on but I wonder about Velcro so that the kids could learn to stack "in" . . . just thinking ummm . .outside the box LOL

Ok, someday I'm going to make  a wreath for each holiday to hang in my home. . I promise.  So I keep saving great ideas.  I really like this Easter one - the yarn wrapped eggs are really cute and it is a pretty inexpensive craft.  Check out The Sweet Survival for a full tutorial.
Here's another great wreath for the summer - I like it because I could actually hang it outside!  I found this idea over at From Glitter to Gumdrops
Ok, this is one of the greatest ides ever (ok - if not the greatest, close to it!)  I've been looking for a stair basket for ever because I always have stuff that needs to go downstairs and just ends up sitting on the counter.  I saw this idea over at Full of Great Ideas and this is something that I will be doing as part of my kitchen makeover.  I'm sure I even have a box downstairs that will work perfectly.

And the last entry from today comes from Oopsey-Daisy and is for a super adorable St Patricks Idea!  So simple and so cute all wrapped into one!