Thursday, July 4, 2019

Summer Week 5

First of all - Happy 4th of July! 

I feel like this summer is slipping away faster than I want it too!  Maybe it's because it was so unseasonably cool through much of June that has made it feel like we missed part of summer.  Granted, now that it is hotter than all get out, I'd kind of like those cooler temps back again!

Here's a breakdown of our summer fun this past week!

Thursday - It's Library day, Theater Class, the last night of VBS and I'm meeting a friend for coffee before she leaves for Florida.  Every single thing happened :-)  We were running like crazy in the evening to get it all done but we did it! 

Friday - We are leaving for a family reunion. We hit the road, turned in school books, stopped for lunch, checked into our hotel, had dinner, went to my nieces campsite, and walked around seeing family at the campground. It was a great day. 

Saturday - It's Reunion Time! Another amazing day.  It was all about the family reunion! 

Sunday - More Reunion Time! Another great day! The reunion wrapped up today and we headed home. 

Monday - My brother Ken and his family are in town so we are going swimming and having dinner at our house. Swimming was perfect, dinner was good, and we laughed alot.  Plus my niece stayed the night with the boys and they were thrilled. 

Tuesday - Spending more time with my brother's family. We unexpectedly got to swim in between storms.  Then dinner at my mom's house where the boys stayed to have another sleep over with their (current) favorite cousin! 

Wednesday - If the weather holds, we will swim.  Then Fireworks in the evening.