Thursday, January 10, 2019

Co-Op Class Description and Plan - Oragami

This semester I am teaching a class on Origami at our Homeschool Co-Op.  I'm not really sure how I came to the idea of teaching this other than after teaching Michigan History last semester (which, honestly, I did not enjoy) I wanted to teach a class that didn't require, well, real teaching.  In this class we are totally going to focus on creating fun projects.  My basic overview is to have 1-2 simple origami folding projects each week which we will then turn into a fun displays.  For example, we will fold fish/whales and create a 3-d piece of art showing them in an ocean or we will fold flowers, put them on stems (straws) and then display them in some vases.  There is also a wreath I plan to try as well as making a "Dragon Eye".

This class requires some basic supplies that each student will need.

The two items above are what will be used in the class.  

Josh actually got this kit for his birthday over a year ago.  He is taking my class so I'm hoping it will spark an interest in it! 
(all of these items are available on Amazon)

I will also be supplementing with some other supplies such as 8x8 scrapbooking paper for the wreath so the students can have patterned paper for that project.  Plus there will be "practice paper" which is just white typing paper cut to size.  I only have 6 students with two helpers besides myself so they should be able to accomplish what is needed with the help provided. 

I plan on sharing weekly/bi-weekly what projects we complete (and the success/failure of each one as well HA!)