Sunday, June 24, 2018

Summer Plans Week 4

Wow, we are already on week 4!  That is just crazy!  I always feel like June is SUPER busy and then we slow down a little!

Sunday - There is a fun Riverboat cruise that is on my "summer bucket list" so I thought it would be fun for Father's Day!  This plan actually changed a week ago and I'm glad it did!  We made plans to head to my mom's place for lunch with her and my brother and sister-in-law, Kel and Deb.  I'm so thankful for that time together (plus it was pushing 100 degrees so riding on a non-air conditioned boat would have put me over the edge HA!) 

 Before we headed to my mom's, the boys gave Darryl his gifts. 
Harley - Just because he's handsome :-) 

Monday - If the weather is nice, I'll take all the kids swimming (I think this will end up being the first time for all of them going!) Then the boys are attending a VBS in the evening all week at our old church. Sometimes unexpected things change plans - my husbands radiator is going out on his van so he had to take my truck to work which leaves us stuck at home.  We created some fun though - the kids got out the slip and slide and played in the water.   Then, we attended VBS at our old church in the evening. 

 It took a lot of work to set up the slip-n-slide only to discover it had not weathered well and had some holes.  We added soap to the water which added some fun but not enough to keep it out for long.

Tuesday - Today is a board meeting day so the kids get to play with the other board members kids followed by VBS in the evening. Darryl took today off due to his van so the kids actually stayed home while I went to the board meeting.  They made their own fun at home. 
Playing UNO outside on the trampoline with friends. 

Wednesday - I have a craft planned for today - I think we will end up doing "Field of Tulips" which we didn't get to a few weeks ago and then also a craft called "Spring Glyphs" No crafts today.  I did implement the whole "you cannot play the x-box or I-pads all day" rule so they kids all went outside to ride bikes and blow bubbles for an hour.  I did laugh when I saw this quote today: 

The boys also attended VBS once again.  I will admit, this has not been their favorite activity.  We attended VBS at this church 2 years ago and they had a blast but this time, not so much.  It's a different bunch of kids and they aren't super nice or inclusive of kids they don't know which makes it really hard for "new kids" to fit in.  They've agreed to finish the week but don't want to go again next year.  Not all the plans can be a success, right? 

Thursday - We will attend a Library activity in the morning and then maybe have a picnic at the park and play time.  I also have a leadership meeting in the afternoon but the kids get to stay home this time. None of this happened today since I don't have a vehicle.  We did make it to the last regular night of VBS (Friday is the carnival).  

Friday - We love VBS HA!  All four kids are attending an all day VBS at the church where our co-op meets AND teh boys have their last night of VBS at our old church.
 Super Heros! 

Saturday - this is another week where we might just crazh on Saturday.  BUT I may take the boys to spend a little money at the Bowling Alley Arcade - this is something Nate wanted to do for his birthday but we couldn't fit it all in.  Then, we have two church open houses for graduates to attend in the afternoon/evening.