Saturday, April 12, 2014

What is my Ministry?

Recently, I became acquainted through the choir I sing in with someone who attended the same Bible College as I did and knows mutual people.  She was only there one semester but it happened to be at the same time as my brother and, thus, we had fun pulling out "old" names and stories.  Throughout the conversation she asked about what one of my brothers was now doing so I mentioned that all three are in the ministry.  She then replied with, "So how come you aren't in ministry like them?".  I was kind of taken aback and replied hastily with, "Well, I taught in Christian School for years."  Kinda like that made up for it or excused it or something.  I then said that I also help at church with music to which she replied, "Oh, you head up everything and take care of worship?"  I was like, "uumm, No.  I sing.  Once every couple of months."   I was really put off by the whole thing and it made me think about one simple question - "Where is my Ministry?". 

I think too often people look at Ministry as the pastoral roles or someone who leads the worship, heads up the children's programs, teaches at a Christian School or, well, is a Missionary.  But, wait.  Don't we all have a ministry?  I know I do! 

This is a book that is on my reading list (which has sadly not had much progress lately!).  This questioning of late has made me really want to read this book and focus on my main ministry - my kids, my spouse and my home.  I'll be ordering this book this week and getting started on it. I'm slowly coming out of my winter hibernation (that hit harder this year due to all of the snow HA!) and getting things done which will include some "reading to learn" not just reading for fun!

What is your ministry?  Maybe your kids are grown and your ministry is now helping with your grand kids.  What can you do to minister to them? Maybe you are part of a special group at church like a widows group or even the ladies ministry - how can you minister to the people you help in these areas?  Or your ministry might be at your desk at work where you can shower those around you with kindness and caring words.