Wednesday, May 1, 2019

April Goal Recap

Here's the recap of my April goals.  To be honest, after I wrote them, I don't think I ever looked at them again - it was a busy, fast month! 

So what is my main focus for April?  I'm struggled with this because I wasn't really sure what I wanted to focus on until it kind of hit me - planning. 

1) Plan our summer - I did this last year and it helped focus on some things.  I make calendars for June-August and try to put ideas on it for each week.  We don't do everything on the plan but it helps me not miss some things we'd like to really do. This is on my May list so obviously it didn't get done in April 
2) Make sure my Holiday binder is up to date which includes planning when to buy things like Halloween Costumes, birthday items ect. Summer flies by and then all of a sudden we need stuff - It helps to spread that stuff out. So, I pulled the binder out of the drawer on April 30 . . so I at least thought about it! 
See - keeping it simple :-)

As is always the case, I have a few other things I'd like to get done this month:

1) Get everything I need for Easter.  (Easter Outfits for the boys, Eggs for hiding in the yard, and the other things for their Easter Baskets) And, plan Easter Dinner. So, I thought I had this all together until one of my kids Easter outfits didn't fit . ..  on Easter morning!!  Ugg!  Trust me, I'm making some specific notes for future years to make sure that doesn't happen again. 
2) Put my new Shelves together and organize my scrapbooks on them. Done!!! 
3) Make a list of anything needed to complete those scrapbooks Not Done! 
4) Order March 2019 photos and 1 month of older photos (I can't think of what Month I'm on - but I have it written down) Done! 
5) Order 1 month of digital prints (there is a coupon that is good for this week so I'm hoping to get that done!) Not Done! 
6) Paint the dining room.  We figured if we are putting shelves together, we should paint so we don't have to move the shelves! Done!! 
7) The boys have multiple projects for school that are due by June.  My goal is to get them all done this month! Not Done! (I sense a pattern HA!) 
8) Dare I even list the basement?  Well, I'm going to but it's not high on the list this month.  It's my birthday month so I try to avoid things I don't like HA! Not Done! 
9) Do something fun for my birthday!  Darryl and I have talked about it a little but I haven't formulated a plan yet :-0 Done! 
10) Clean out and organize the play room. We are going to be doing some furniture rearranging in May thinks to getting some furniture from my mom when she moves.  In order to make that a smooth transition, I need to clean and organize :-) Not Done! 
11) Clean out my truck.  Winter was hard on it because I never cleaned it since it was so cold.  It's time to take it to the car wash and vacuum it out like crazy! Not Done - what?  it has STILL been winter!  
12) Clean the Master Bedroom.  It doesn't take long - just have to get rid of the piles!! I totally did this and then got more piles.  Until the footstool is out of the room (it goes with a chair I'm selling soon) I think it just attracts piles!!