Monday, August 29, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

It's been awhile since I've actually participated in Muffin Tin Monday.  Not that we haven't been using Muffin Tins on Monday for lunch - we have - but I never get any pictures!  I actually managed to get one so I thought I would link up over at Muffin Tin Mom today!

Today we had Cheese Quesadilla's, Canned Peaches, Chips, Salsa, and a 1/2 of Twinkie.  Both boys get the same thing and it is always fun to see what they go for.  That little hand belongs to Josh - he ate an entire Quesadilla and two servings of Peaches with only one little piece of the Twinkie.  Nate ate all of the salsa (using his finger LOL) a few bites of chips and Quesadilla and all of his Twinkie :-)

I haven't gotten into the little cups and sprinkles but I just read today over at Meet The Dubien's about all of her supplies - what she uses and where she gets it all.  It made me excited to start picking up some fun things to use for lunches . She does "Fun with Food Fridays"  and I kinda like that . .it would be fun to try and tie it in with our preschool lessons each week :-)

I won't promise this post every week but I hope to start participating more for no other reason that I get ideas from the links that are posted!


What to Expect from this Blog

I've mentioned before that as September draws closer, I start to feel like it is the start of a new year.  It is those teaching roots in me that run deep!  This summer, with lots of busy times, I've slacked off a little on creativity with this blog.  At one point during the winter, I had my posts written three weeks in advance which is really nice because it gives time to get pictures and research done.  This summer . . well, some days, I'm writing today's post .. yesterday.  Or so it seems ;-) 

I'm been thinking about what I want to post more about as we enter the fall so I thought I would share what you could expect.  Will this always be set in stone?  Nope.  If I feel the urge to write about something else I will - but at least you have an idea!

Sunday: Mommy Time Posts - I decided to move my Tot Time posts to Sunday so I have time to write about our week, upload pictures and give links through Amazon to anything that we used throughout the week. 

Monday:  I will focus on cleaning, budgeting, parenting, marriage - those tougher (yet often fun) topics.  I tend to have more time on the weekends to write which means I have more time to research for these great topics.

Tuesday:  This is my craft day - I will continue to post my "Too Cute Not to Toot!" posts because, well, I love them.  I will also post any crafts/projects I do myself. 

Wednesday:  "What I'm Loving Wednesdays" will still make a showing.  I find that by mid-week, sometimes, it is easier to look at a class as half empty but focusing on those things I love, it fills that glass right back up!  There will be a second post on Wednesdays - I want to share a devotional post which will normally be based on what God has taught me through the past week in my quiet time. 

Thursday: "What I'm Reading" will move to Thursdays now.  I like to share my latest books that I'm reading so that maybe it will inspire you to read too.  :-)  This will also be my "Series" day.  Sometimes, another blog hosts a series and encourages other bloggers to link up - I will posts these on Thursday (unless the blog requires something different but most of the time the link is open for a week) I will also do any of my own series - for example, I've talked about Flylady before - I'd like to write a series of post more specifically talking about her baby steps for getting organized. 

Friday:  Recipes!  I've been posting my weekly menu as a blog post and I plan to continue that so I would like to post all of the new and fantastic recipes on Friday.  Some weeks there may only be one but other weeks I may have 2 or 3.  They will all appear as separate posts :-)  On the weeks I can, I will also post our weekly Happenings in this House post on Friday.

Saturday:  As long as I'm in Weight Watchers - I will post my weekly WW post which often includes a recipe or snack idea.  I also plan to move my weekly Menu posting to Saturday since our menu week starts on Saturday night. 

My disclaimer is . . .this is not set in stone.  Sometimes I miss days and sometimes I just have a random post, a giveaway post, creative memories, whatever.  Those I'll throw in when I have them :-)