Saturday, September 22, 2018

Our Week in Photos #45

It's been a few weeks since I've done a photo post with the summer posts ending!  Well, this week I think I actually have photos for you! There are a few photos from last week too!

 On September 11th, my mom and I went to hear Beverly Lewis speak about her latest book.  It's always a treat for me to hear an author that I've read for years.  The photo is small but if you look closely you will find my mom and me . . .oh, and Josh and Nate too!  
 On Thursday we attended a Homeschool event at one of our local Libraries.  The boys always enjoy gathering with friends to do something fun. 
 The boys started Piano lessons Thursday night.  They were both excited.  Their teacher is wonderful - she could be my sister we get along so well - and, to brag just a little, she said they are both naturals and she looks forward to teaching them!  She is already talking about them playing duets together! 
 Friday was our 2nd week of Friday school.  I'm thankful for other people taking photos because I just don't get it done!  The boys helped in the morning opening with the song.
 Josh working in Science Fair Class

 Tae Kwon Do!  The boys do so well! 
 Nate's in the red shirt on the right in the photo - Gym class! 
 Both Josh and Nate in Camping and Survival Skills. 
This weekend is Halloween at the campground!  Tonight we carved pumpkins. 

 The boys played some pool 

And we went on a wagon ride.  Oh, and I went swimming - it might have been about 65 degrees with a wicked wind blowing but the pool was warm and relaxing!  I enjoyed 30 minutes of quiet swimming!!