Thursday, March 22, 2012

What I'm Reading!

You may remember that last week, I mentioned this book but I hadn't finished it.  This was a great book - the story was fun yet left you guessing.  The one downside is there was one thing that didn't get resolved in this book, book one, but I'm assuming that the author did this to carry her readers into the next book, which I will have to pick up soon!

This is book that I picked up for free through The Literature Lady on facebook.  I tend to forget that her page is not a Christian page but, rather, it includes all books.  So I'm torn on this one because, I though it was a great story but, honestly, it is a little "Rated R".  It starts out really rough on that front . . .I almost stopped reading but by the end of the 2nd chapter I was hooked and read the whole book in a day.  It gets less offensive the deeper in the book you go and the story really keeps you guessing.  I find this author a great writer - just wish she was a Christian writer :-) 

Normally I try to read the synopsis of a book before I read it (just like I used to read the back of the book I could hold in my hand) but I didn't on this one or some odd reason.  This is a true story of Kenneth Tingle, written by Kenneth Tingle.  He grew up in a rough area, in a tough home, and fought his way through his childhood and teenage years.  This is a true story of hope and what hope really means.  I would recommend this book for reading.  It does have language throughout the book but it is too be expected considering where and how the author grew up. 

Of course, I know you are all wondering if I read anymore Stephanie Plum books and the answer is . . YES!  I picked up a couple more Amazon gift cards from Swag Bucks I had earned plus there was on offer on my kindle and I was able to get a $10.00 card for $5.00 (Leaving me an additional $5.00 to use this month in cash!!)  So I actually picked up two of her books.  I finished one and just started another one.