Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot

Hello!  Lets get ready for some ideas!

With changing rooms, I'm using under our bed to store some things (since we have a smaller room) like candles, our overnight bags, and even some shoes (most of our shoes are still in the boys room) so I'd like to make a second bed skirt that will hang to the floor and cover up all of that stuff.  I love this idea from Emmy Lizzy for a ruffled skirt.  It might be a little beyond my sewing skills but sometimes I just need an idea :-)
Halloween is coming!!  (I need to get my fall decor out soon!) This cute idea for a pumpkin is from The Swell Life and is a take on the whole melted crayon art.  I actually like it and think the boys would enjoy being part of this craft.
This is a great Thanksgiving craft idea from Toddler Approved. Such a simple craft with a big impact.

I actually printed this idea to do this summer but never got around to it.  The Stuff Of Success shares this great Pool Noodle Obstacle course.
My husband loves T-shirts.  He also hates to give them up and yes, I even have a few that I would hate to see go because they are great memories :-)  So when I saw this idea from a.steed's.life I had to share.  I'd love to do this idea in the basement to add a little life to the room.
My boys love spiders - we even have a spider friend who hangs out in one of our living room windows (he hangs outside) so they would really love this little spider craft from Crafty Journal.
That's it for ideas this week! :-)

I do have to share this though - on Sunday I needed to find an idea I knew I had posted awhile ago so I started back tracking through old Too Cute posts and I must say, WOW there are some awesome ideas out there!  I need to take time to go back through and start printing some of my favorites and file them in the correct folder for use in the future.