Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I'm still here . ..

Where has November gone?  I'm not sure but it's going fast.  We've been running like crazy since mid-October and, ironically, I feel like that things are slowing down as the Holidays approach.

So, I'm still here, I just haven't had time to think about blog posts OR I haven't been around to write them between field trips, kids activities, and a weekend away scrapbooking PLUS a sick dog well, I have taken on a Dory mindset, "Just keep swiming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming!"  Yesterday, I actually accomplished a lot of things around the house . . .well, except school.  The munchkin had the day off school so I let the boys play  - and they got to play outside in short sleeves because it was so warm.  Meanwhile, I talked boxes and bins that have been sitting around since . . .well for near six months.

The holidays are coming so I'm hopeful I will actually have time to regroup and get back into writing again!