Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekly Menu

We had a fabulous time camping.  And I feel like my fridge and cupboards are feeling the brunt of summer.  Not that they are empty, they aren't.  It's the opposite.  I have odds and ends of food items in the freezer, cupboards and fridge from meals we didn't eat that were planned but life got in the way.  Usually my fridge is near empty by Saturday but this week it is near . .. full.  It's just weird.  This next week is another "odd" one so the plan is pretty simple . . or maybe just not planned!

Saturday - The boys and I will be at my parents helping my brother and his family as they prepare to pull out in the moving truck on Sunday for South Carolina.  Darryl has to work all weekend so I've left soup and chili behind for him (He is in the middle of having a root canal done so super easy food to eat is all he wants!) 

Sunday - The boys and I are hanging out at my parents until after lunch.  The plan is the boys are staying at my parents for a few days.  So for dinner Sunday night - I have no idea HA!  Soup? Mac and Cheese?  I'm just not sure.

Monday - I'm realizing how hard it is to plan meals that are easy to eat is not fun HA!  I found a recipe on pinterest for a new fish recipe that I might try.  And rice is always good along with some green beans.

Tuesday - I'm hoping we can go out - to our favorite Mexcian restaurant.  Darryl likes the cheese enchiladas . . .and those are soft :-)

Wednesday - The kids will be home.  The plan is pork chops on the grill, mac and cheese, applesauce, and green beans

Thursday - Beef Tips and Noodles and Biscuits.  (I can make the Beef in the crock pot!)

Friday - Guess what night is back?  It's Taco Night!!  T- ball is done so we are back to our normal schedule.