Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Program 2012

Well, we got to experience a "first" this past Sunday as parents.  What is it, you ask?  We got to see our kids in a Christmas program.  Before we had kids, we always tried to make it to see my nephews and nieces in their Christmas program but we never expected to be able to see our own.  There was concern, even up until Saturday, that we wouldn't make it but, we took the boys on Sunday with coughs and runny noses ;-)

The boys did awesome.  Nate sat right up front and was all smiles, Josh kinda hid behind one of the sheep and kept his head low.  He told me later that it was very scary up there and he doesn't want to be a shepherd again HA  He also told me that he couldn't sing the songs so he just sang his ABC's.  

 See Josh sitting behind that little lamb and Nate surrounded by girls already.

My Mother-in-law had the perfect view of Josh and got some great shots!

 My sweet little shepherd trying to be invisible . . .so adorable.

I love my little shepherds and am so proud of them!