Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home Organization 101 Challenge

Welcome Back!!!  This weeks challenge was to organize your pantry and I have to tell you, boy do I have pantry envy HA!  The host of this challenge has an incredible pantry with tons of baskets and totes to hold everything.  Well, as nice as that would be . . or even to have a small pantry in my kitchen . . .I'm thankful for the pantry area in my basement (or, as my kids call it, the "extra kitchen" HA!) 

Anyway, I took time this week to reorganize my pantry.  Just recently my mother-in-law surprised us with cases of canned goods that needed to be put on my shelves so this was the perfect excuse! 

 This is a shot of the full pantry.  Originally, this was a closet - the previous owner was a hunter and hung all of his gear in this closet.  We didn't really need it as a closet - or I should say we didn't use it since it was downstairs - not convenient at all.  So one day my husband built some great shelves for me and I've used it as a pantry space every since! 

Some up close shots of the 4 main shelves :-)  I have to confess, I don't like baskets or other storage containers on pantry shelves, in cupboards or in the fridge.  They hide what you have and make it more work to look for things.  At least for myself, what I have an abundance of changes so to have certain baskets for various food items would mean at times I would have empty baskets!  Instead, I like to stack like things together and use my space that way. 

Nothing to exciting but my kids sure do love it - they often bring up some random can and tell me that they brought dinner up for me HA!