Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Too Cute Not To Toot!

I feel like I have posted one of these in awhile - between missing a week due to no Internet and not finding a lot of ideas . . .well, I'm hoping that this one is brimming with ideas! 

I've seen this ebook shared on so many blogs and 1+1+1=1 gives the link to get your own copy as well as photos from there first few days.  (I'm sure that she will share more throughout the month too).  I did get my own copy of "Truth in the Tinsel" and plan on using it in the future.  I think it will be the perfect thing to use as the boys get older.
Another idea from 1+1+1=1 is a Playdough busy box.  I really love this idea and, as she suggests, it would actually make a great gift idea.
Another idea from 1+1+1=1 is her 12 Days of Christmas Printables.  I plan on printing these to add to my December binder to use next year.
One last idea from 1+1+1=1 is her Nativity Printable Set.  This is another great set of activities to do with your kids throughout the month.
This idea from Rockabye Butterfly is such a great craft idea using glue.  It is super easy and, most likely, you have most of the supplies in your home already.
As you well may know, I love handprint/footprint crafts.  This idea from Classified Mom turns a handprint into an elf.  The picture doesn't do it justice so click on the link and see the full tutorial.
This idea for making snowmen out of socks from I heart Crafty Things is so adorable plus I love that she recommends a book to read to go along with the craft.  I am bookmarking this idea (obviously) to use in future Book Advents. 
Here's another Snowman idea from Sew Blessed uses the Coke bottles that are shaped like ornaments - I might need to pick some up this year to use for this craft; it would also be a fun one for the boys to make in the future.
Musings of Me is doing a book advent again this year (She was one of my inspirations from last year) but this year she is focusing on the Alphabet and I really love her ideas.  This link is to her "C is for Cookies and Candy" but you can also find the rest of the ideas on her site throughout the entire month.
This is an idea that a friend actually shared with me a year ago but I couldn't find the clear bulbs to use to make them - Confessions of a Homeschooler gives an easy tutorial to use.
Also from Confessions of a Homeschooler is a great idea for storing your kids creations.  I already planned on doing something that I had seen on another blog but I love the printables that she created to use for each year and plan on printing them out this week.
One last item from Confessions of a Homeschooler - she has two great printable tot packs.  A Christmas Theme as well as a Nativity Theme as well.
Counting Cocounts shares a simple but great idea - "Car Boxes" are boxes filled with things we always need in the car.  Whether it be activities and snacks for the kids to diapers/wipes/ change of clothes for those unexpected accidents kids always have, these really are great. 
This is one of many countdown ideas that I've seen that I like - this one from GlueSticks uses the magnetic tin boxes.  It would fit perfectly on the side of a fridge and she also gives ideas for what she put inside each of the small tins.
Also from Gluesticks is this fairly simple Scalloped Stocking Idea.  If you wanted all of your stockings to match, this would be perfect and you could, obviously, pick out any fabric that you wanted to fit your theme.
I created a Christmas Journal a year ago but I've seen this idea all over the web and I'm actually considering converting mine to something this cute.  You can get lots of printables/ideas from eighteen25.
Yes, I realize Thanksgiving is past but I wanted to save this idea for next year - you can get the printable by going to Making Memories.  I will be printing these off this week too!  (I have lots of printing to do!)

One of the blogs I follow, A Better Mom, posted an ornament craft that would be great for older kids - another idea for my December binder of fun!

A little learning for 2 shares a simple Christmas Tree Craft - I feel like maybe I've shared this before but I can't remember if I did or if I just have seen this idea before.  Either way, I'll share it here, even if for a 2nd time!

This is a countdown activity I saw at one of my favorite blogs, Superchikk, and I think it is probably the one I like the most for doing just a countdown.  It is simple and doesn't take up a lot of space and yes, it is on the list to make before next December.

I mentioned, after making the boys Thanksgiving shirts, that I wanted to make their Christmas shirts and guess what?  I found a great idea (actualy two ideas - one tutorial) over at Vixon Made.  Yeah!

Vixon Made also shares a whole bunch of links to get free printable subway art.  I plan on printing all of them to use next year as decor - I like to replace photos on my walls with Christmas pictures and these are perfect. Here is just one example.
That's a much better line-up of items this week!  (Finally!) 

I usually post a Pinterest Challenge on Tuesdays too but, I don't have one today.  I've been busy working on some holiday things and just haven't gotten to items on my list!  Maybe next week I'll have more to share :-)