Saturday, September 30, 2017

Our Week in Photos #15

Another fun weekend despite record breaking temps!

 The weekend included the annual Halloween Weekend at the campground.  We started with pumpkin carving at the Lodge. 

 After pumpkins we went swimming - it was 95 degrees and the pool was packed . .. .until someone pooped in the pool and they had to close it!!  BOO! 
 Next up was the costume content.  Nate decided to be Godzilla this year. 
 And Josh is Enderman (Sp?) from Minecraft. 
 Even though I thought my kids had the best costumes, they did not win! 

 Nate's pumpkin. 
 Josh's Pumpkin.
The boys got to go Trick-Or-Treating throughout the campground and got a bag load of candy.  We ended the night with a Haunted House (which the boys loved) and a trip back to the pool (which had been cleaned and re-opened).  The night ended with a spooky Hayride that made the boys and I scream many times!!!

Monday I took all 4 kids to the pool as our local school district had a half day due to the heat.  (for Real).  

Tuesday was the official last day at the pool.  After dinner, we headed to the pool for the evening. 

 I'll miss this sunset view until next summer! 
We even got Darryl in the pool this one last time.  

Wednesday and Thursday were quieter days.  We accomplished a lot of school.  The boys had AWANA on Wednesday and my mom and I took off Thursday evening for dinner and a book review with an author.  

Friday = Friday School 
Friday school is a busy day for sure.  The Lego Robotics Teacher posted this photo today so I thought I'd share.  Honestly, the boys are not loving Lego Robitics - they thought it was more about Legos and less about learning but, in reality, it is more about learning and less about Legos!  

That's our week!