Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us Your Life -Master Bedrooms

Wow - I had this almost done and trying to use the new picture editer erased my whole post :-(

So, lets try this again. Over here at Kelly's Korner, she is hosting a "Show us your life" Fridays.  Currently it is on showing our homes.  When I saw that this week was the master bedroom, I considered skipping.  I don't have a huge master bedroom, no master bath, or big closet.  But as I started to take pictures for this post I realized there are so many things I love.  Would I love more space - aboslulty!  Do I wish I had my own bathroom - YES!  How about that master walk-in closet . .. of course!  For now, I am happy with what I have and I think it is beautiful!

Here we go :-)
This is the view into the room from the door.  I love my Bed.  I purchased it when I was still single and loved it too much to change it when I got married.  Another thing I love about our room is the bedding.  It is so rich and classy.

And the view from one corner of the room.  I love my full length mirror and so do my kids - they both like to make faces into that mirror and make it move.  My bookshelf is there for the sole reason of storage - a place to store my candles (and it makes my room smell good) plus my Creative Memories Albums which eventually I will put in the living room so that people can actually see them.

The view from the other corner.  When our second son was born, we had to move things around and the Treadmill got squeezed into our room.  Despite the tight fit I kinda like it in our room.  I can shut the door and have "mommy" time while I walk :-)

This is one of my favorites - our dresser.  This was our wedding gift from my parents and I just love the style and look of it.  And yes, we have a TV in our room and we love it :-)

This is another thing I love :-) Hehehe - he was following me around while I took pictures so I couldn't resist.  For whatever reason this picture flipped when it was loaded, sorry!  I do love my carpet for real though - it is so thick and soft!

My lamps are some of my favorites.  They look so elegant and they give off soft light.  I love it in the winter when the snow is flying - turning on the lights and lighting some candles just makes the room so cozy.

My husband purchased this for me on one of our first dates.  We went to the Detroit Art Institute and walked around.  We had seen a picture we wanted to purchase a print of and than I saw this one.  He bought me both.  I just love the peacefulness that this picture shows. 

And my closet.  I picked this closet organizer out when we first moved into our room and  it took me 4 years to get it.  When our 2nd son was born, we considered putting both boys in this room and moving us to a smaller room; I couldn't bear losing my closet though :-)  It has lots of room and I make the most of it for storage and it is also my "make-up" counter.

So that is the grand tour.  Hope you enjoyed it :-)

Frozen Hot Chocolate

I've heard about the signature dessert from Serendipity in Manhattan several times as I watch a lot of Food Network.  It intriqued me but I never thought to look for a recipe.  I found this recipe in a magazine for a slimmed down version and we tried it last night.  Wow - this beats any frozen drink I've made yet.  And, for those of you that don't like coffee, this is your drink!

1/2 cup chocolate syrup
1 cup fat-free evaporated milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 cups ice cubes
Garnish: reduced-fat whipped topping and dark chocolate shavings

Combine everything but the garnish items and blend until smooth.  Pour into glasses and garnish, if desired.  This made 2 large glasses.  I had enough of the milk left to make a 1/2 batch this morning :-)