Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekly Menu

I planned a great menu last week including breakfast and lunch (for me) so I wasn't just grabbing junk.  Well, I made the first breakfast - some kind of microwave apple pancake and almost threw up HA!  The texture was soooo nasty!  So, I enjoyed frozen waffles instead :-)  We had lots of leftovers this week so I just used those at lunch.  Then I planned one dinner - an Italian Meatball Soup . . .and it was a joke HA!  It was really like Meatballs in water with a few veggies so I made spaghetti and just drained the meatballs out of the soup.  Blah!  That's what I get for trying new recipes.

This coming week I'm sticking to more of what we already love.

Friday - We are going to clean up the leftovers from the week and I'll probably throw some stray weet potatoes and potatoes in the crock pot too.  Even though I went to the store yesterday, I still have some "odds and ends" from last week to use up.

Saturday - I'm not cooking :-)

Sunday - Chicken Scaloppini, Amish Butter Noodles, and Green Beans.

Monday - BBQ Cups, Crash Potatoes, and some type of veggie

Tuesday - Pork Chops and Scallopped potatoes and roasted cabbage

Wednesday - The boys and I always grab something before AWANA

Thursday - Chili.  (I want left overs to use on Superbowl Sunday!)

That's all!