Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Little Light Of Mine

From November through January we lived in a very dark house!  My kitchen lights went bad and then, the dining room light went bad!  We even ate by candlelight some nights because it was too dark in the dining room HA!  Well, my favorite electriction (i.e. my dad) was able to come over in January and replace all of those lights! 

We had a fan in our dining room before and, as much as I would LOVE a beautiful chandeliar, we HAVE to have a fan since we don't have central air.  The fan is what makes it possible to eat in the summer.  We went to Menards to pick out our fan and I found this one.  I loved the light fixture because it actually looks like a chandelier and is just so cool looking!

Then, my new kitchen lights!  Again, I love seeing beautiful lights in a kitchen but with our set up - I needed these bubble lights.  You should see it - the kitchen is SOOOOO bright; It is nice to finally be able to see to cook :-)

My new lights reminded me of a great song so I want to share that too!