Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blog Stalker . . .Kinda

What have I been doing on this cold, rainy Saturday (which, by the way, I enjoy!)?  Well, I started out by canning Raspberry Jam.  Quick and easy - really.  Raspberries are nice because you don't have peel, cut, or remove a pit.  I like all the seeds in the jam so I just have to squish them up some and cook them before pouring into canning jars and "bathing" for 10 minutes.  Than I started my salsa - two batches planned for today which should be done right about . . .now. . .except . . .I forgot to buy one main ingredient; the tomato paste.  Grrrr!  It would be an easy fix except my husband has our truck . .. with the carseats . .. and is working . .. .  a double!!!  So, for now, the salsa is sitting; waiting to be cooked once he gets home with my forgotten ingredients.  He even told me he'll stay up with me tonight . . .maybe LOL 

So, while waiting, I got sucked in.  Into what?  Blogs.  Yes, I'm kinda a blog stalker.  I like the blogs I like and than I like to search the blogs they like.  Today my speciality was crafting blogs.  I added buttons to my page and the sites that didn't have buttons, I added to my list of blogs for now.  See, I love crafts - especially easy, cute crafts.  So what is the problem?  Where do you put all those cute crafts you make?  I have no idea!!!  But they sure are fun to look at and sometimes they can be used for holiday decorations instead.  I saw several today that I'd like to make for Christmas to decorate my house (just what I need - more Christmas decor!) but at least I can put it out and than put it away. 

I also decided that I think (hows that for deciding) I'm going to create a "dummy" blog.  I want to make my blog pretty; functional with cute little buttons and challenges but I haven't figured out how to make them yet.  (I've read the how-to's just haven't gotten them to work!) So instead of constantly messing with my good blog that works fine, I think I'll do this tester blog for all my ideas; layouts, etc so it doesn't matter if it gets messed up!  So when you see that I have a second blog (and I might make it private since it will be always a weird, odd work in progress) just know that it really is nothing - just a testing site :-)

31 in 31 - Day 31

Well, it's been 31 days since I started this little photo challenge so this last picture seemed fitting.

Yesterday, when I took this picture (just didn't get a chance to post it last night!) I got to go out for while while my parents spent time with the kids.  I went to my favorite place for lunch - Grand Traverse Pie Company.  I get this awesome Turkey with apple smoked bacon and Grand Traverse Cherry Chutney sandwich followed by the best pie ever.  This is Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb and it is SOOOO good!  I enjoy going to the Pie Company and not only getting lunch but kicking back and usually scrapbooking on my computer for awhile.  Yesterday I worked on some other things I needed to get done but it was nice to have a couple of hours to just relax.

I really enjoyed this photo challenge.  Taking time to watch for a photo.  I will say I took a ton more photos of my family the last month as I was always looking for the perfect shot and I plan to continue to pull the camera out more and more so I don't miss any of those cute moments.  Now I just need to carve out more time in my day for scrapbooking!!!

This is just one challenge - who knows, I might do it again some time but right now, dont' forgoet to check out the Christmas Cookie Challenge (click the button on the side  of my blog for full details)  And, I have plans to do another challenge myself  . .. if I can figure out how to make a button! LOL