Saturday, September 23, 2017

Our Week in Photos #14

Saturday - a fun day at a zoo!
 Darryl was still gone with his dad so my mom and I took the boys to a local animal reserve. 
 We rode the train out to see many of the animals - it just such a cool place.  I love the zebras :-) 
 Everyone got to go in the bird house and feed the birds.  
 One of my favorite activities - feeding the giraffes.  Seriously love these animals - they give me JOY! 
 Who wouldn't love that face?  I told Darryl that I want a membership to this place so I can go and fee the giraffes anytime I want :-)  

 I love that the boys still love doing "kid" stuff like riding this little train. 
 My mom's favorite part was seeing the kangaroos with babies in their pouches. 
 My two monkeys :-) 
Hahaha - Nate wanted to get a picture with his hand in the gorilla's butt HA! 

We went to dinner at McDonald's after wards and then went swimming.  The boys had a blast because we stayed in the pool until 10:00 - they loved swimming at night! 

Sunday - Church, I attended book club while the boys swam the afternoon away and then Darryl returned home.

Monday-Tuesday - School and swimming!!

Wednesday - We took the afternoon off from school so we could swim on this near 90 degree day! 

The pool is absolutely amazing right now.  The temperature is perfect, the weather is perfect . .. it's just amazing that we can swim and see the trees changing colors at the same time!

On Thursday we had the annual field trip to the Cider Mill with our on-line school.  It was 95 degrees.  For real. 

 We arrived at the Mill and signed in, ate a donut and cider and met the boys teachers.  By the time they walked up this hill above, they told me that they had three things to do and then they wanted to leave H!

 They wanted their pictures taken and to play on the jumping pillow.
 And a walk through the corn maze.
 Nate was so unbearably hot that he did not want his picture taken so Josh used his hand to take Nate's place HA!  After this, we took a wagon back to our truck and skipped our picnic lunch.  Instead we went straight to McDonald's where we could enjoy lunch in the AC!

Friday - Friday School, Swimming, and a Wagon Ride.  

 Another parent took photos today and posted them on facebook so I "stole" them. Nate loves his class on endangered animals.
 Nate working on his project for the day.
 This is me :-) teaching one of my two classes - expedition earth.
 Josh really enjoys this decorating class.
He decorated these fabulous cookies! 
 After swimming in the afternoon, we returned to the campground for a wagon ride.
Nana joined us this time - it's Halloween Weekend at the Campground so we are looking forward to lots of fun! 

Another great week comes to an end :-) (And it was a record breaking HOT one too!)