Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A few of my favorite things

I used to enjoy sharing a "Few of my Favorite Things" but then I noticed that they were all based around food HA!  Recently, though, I've been noticing that I have some new favorite things that I thought I would share.

Yes, a mop.  I read a great review on this mop and bucket and finally picked one up a few months ago.  It sat around in the box until this past week.  It's easy to assemble the mop and the instructions are clear and easy.  The spin pedal works perfectly and my floor is super clean!  I actually want to mop the floor!  To make it even better?  My kids want to mop because it's actually kind of fun! 

I love my blue-tooth portable speaker.  I use it with my ipad and my favorite Pandora stations to fill the house with music.  I love that I can turn Pandora on and then carry the speaker from room to room while leaving my Ipad somewhere safe.  We also enjoy it in the evening.  Instead of turning on the TV, I turn on our favorite relaxing musical "station" and let that play quietly while we enjoy the peacefulness of the evening.  It calms everyone down before bed. 

My new lamp.  (Ok, this isn't the exact lamp but it is super, duper close!) We lived in a dark living room for a few years until this past April when we finally bought this new floor lamp.  (Plus another smaller one!)  Now, our living room is filled with light and I just love it!  

The cool temps!   Yes, it is June and yes it was in the 60's today!  I just love it :-)  I know hot, humid weather is coming but for these few days, I will enjoy the cool, dry temps.

I've found a planner that I love and I also love the price.  It's big enough to write everything in need to write in it; I love that it is spiral bound and hard cover; I love that it is over half the price of the "big name planner" I used to buy several years ago.  This planner goes from August-August so I just pre-ordered by 2017-2018 planner and can't wait until it arrives in early July!

So, there are a few of my favorite things!