Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January Goals

For those of you who have read this blog for awhile, you know that I am a goal oriented person.  I'm the first person to tell you that I don't necessarily accomplish most of the goals on my list but without some goals to focus on I find that I flounder.  Completely.  My monthly goals help give me something to work towards each day.  When I'm really on top of things, I try to look at them weekly, if not daily, in order to accomplish the small tasks it takes to reach the big goal.

Two years ago when I attended the Life on Purpose meeting, one of the documents I worked on was called "Dividing My Time".  I picked 6 areas that I wanted to focus on throughout the year and most of my goals were tied to that as well as my theme word.  This year, I'm using my 101 in 1001 goals to drive my goals each month.  When I wrote them, I divided them into categories so it works our pretty well.

In years past, when I write out my monthly goals, I usually also have an extra category called "Misc" HA!  This allows me to throw in those little things that fit no where but need to get done.

So, what is on my radar for January?  Check it out below.

Darryl and the Kids
1. Plan and execute Nate's birthday weekend "Stay and Swim" get away. Completed - you can read it HERE
2. Plan and prepare Homeschool lessons - the goal is to get through A, B, and C in January This was a little difficult because we had extra friends with us for a few weeks during the day . . but we did get through A and B and I planned C :-) 
3. Do 2-3 fun activities with the boys separate from homeschool.
4. Do a movie night with the kids- My kids are not as into movies as I would like them to be HA!  We did go away for Nate's birthday though so that counts :-)
5. Work on Potty Training - Does pulling my hair out count?  HA  We are still trying!
6.  Order new piece for our wooden clockI contacted the company and they told me no - I had to buy a new clock so I took the clock to my my MIL's husband, who does wood working, and he is making a new piece for me!
7. Start Chore Chart concept
8. Read the Husband Project
9. Do January's budget plan and see how close we can come to sticking with it! What a success.  We wrote it, we followed it and we actually ended the month feeling good :-)
10. Find a "word a day" calendar  I found one - next months goal will be to order it HA!
11. Have a movie night with the hubs once this month - This month is War Horse.Done!
12. Plan February's budget BEFORE Feb. 1st  Done!

Home Management
1. Create a reusable Daily/Weekly/Monthly board (I saw an idea on Pinterest using a frame and a dry erase marker.  I love it) The more I thought about this the more I realized I didn't want it - I don't need my plan displayed . . I just keep it with my to do lists.
2. Work on my kitchen/bathroom - one thing a day in order to keep those rooms constantly clean
3. Begin planning the new landscaping - my goal this month is pick out the new bushes/flowers I want to plant in the landscaping areas.
4. Hang up a coat rack in the stairwell
5. Get a new Frame for Josh's photo Check - and it is even hung up!!
6. Go through pinterest boards for the home and choose one item from each board to do - a decor idea, a cleaning idea, an organizing idea; it doesn't matter - just need to do something new! 

1. Begin the 10,000 step program - the goal this month is to reach 10,000 steps a total of 5 times all month.
2. Load the MP3 player with music
3. Set up my memory program for the Sermon on the Mount So it is set up, now I need to memorize it!
4. Read one book based on my theme study
5. Wake up at 6:00 for two weeks to see if this is something I can actually do (I am not a morning person)
6. Pick out 2 piano songs to practice and have ready to play. I picked out two songs and did get a little practice in but not enough to say they are ready to play

1. Narrow down our family vacation - goal date, goal location, and what we need to save This has been done
2. Schedule a camping trip
3. Check out passports - when to get them updated We have a year left so I'll revisit this in January 2014
4. Narrow down a get away for Darryl and I - goal date, goal location and what we need to save This has been done
5. See "Les Miserable" :-)

1. Make a list of 100 facts about me.
2. Compile a list of projects I want to make and complete at least one this month (Looking back through Too Cute posts and Craft ideas on Pinterest)
3. Begin "How to Photograph your Baby" and spend one week on each chapter. 
4. Organize extra scrapbook projects in order of how to complete and make a goal list for getting those done.
5. Print November and December photos Done!

1. Completely organize the basement
2. Organize all of our tax documents from the past 10 years
3. Organize all manuals into a three ring binder for easy access and keep in the classroom closet
4. Set up savings plan for the things I want from IKEA Done

Holidays and Theme Word
1. Get a January wreath for the door - either make it or buy it
2. Make Sugar Snow (if we have snow) and hot chocolate with the boys

1. Do the boys Birthday questions (I think I lost the list I had from Josh so I need to re-do) and create the basic scrapbook. I found Josh's list and got Nate's too
2. Schedule the boys Well baby check ups January 31st :-)
3. Practice soundtrack for church Done! 

WOW!  That's a lot, I know.  Hopefully I can get at least half of the above things done - that would be great!!