Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Pinterest Goals

I have a million and one boards on my Pinterest account.  Some of them I access often such as my recipe board or boards related to homeschooling.  Others, I pin and pin and PIN items to but don't take time to actually accomplish items.  That is where these goals come into play.  My goal is to pick a handful of items I want to attempt to try/make throughout the month. I feel like posting this at the beginning of the month gives me some accountability to see what I can really accomplish.

1. From my For the Home board:
I love my steam mop for quick cleaning but I would like to try this floor cleaner out to see if it really is as good as the writer says it is.

Ok, I haven't tried this as of yet - I keep looking at mops and haven't found one I want to buy yet - when I do, I WILL try this!  

2. Another one from my For the Home board:
Supposidly this treatment will take all of the sticky residue off of appliances - we'll see!!

After posting this, I read the blog post and guess what?  The author said that people told her about Bar Keeper's friend and it worked as well as cream of tarter and was less expensive.  I already use Bar Keeper's friend and it does work pretty well so I didn't bother to try it. 
3. And one more from For the Home.
I hope this idea works - my oven needs it!

Ok, I actually tried this.  Ready for some photos? 
Here is the before photo of my oven door: 
 Gross right?  Well, here is the after: 
 Still gross!!! It did take a little of the grime off but not all of it - not even close.  Plus, I would have needed to make a triple, triple, triple batch to actually clean the whole oven.  I might try this using vinegar instead of water with the baking soda to see if it will take more of the junk off.
4. This idea is from my Craft Board:
I want to make this for my secret sister at church (don't worry, she doesn't read this blog!)
This one is on hold for a bit - I haven't been able to find the wire yet :-) 
5. Another idea from my Craft Board.

I've been wanting to read this for awhile and learn how to use my Cricut better.

Read the article and learned that it is out dated - there is FREE software at the Cricut website now with lots and lots of helps. 
6. One last idea - this one from my Organization board.
We need this - or at least some from of this as the kids grow and we need more stuff in the truck.

This idea is so in the works. I haven't been able to find those holders yet so I'm working on a different idea. When I have it done, I will share it in an actual post. 

The other thing I am continuing to work on is to clean out my boards.  I try to move stuff I've completed to my "things I've completed succesfully" board OR delete it if it is a flop.  Plus I'm trying to move stuff to the right board (and get rid of duplicate type boards) and delete stuff I know I won't ever do!!

Looking forward to trying/completing this items this month!