Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Reality of Life Running at Fast Speed

Here it is the middle of June and I'm trying to figure out where the first half of the month went.  I kind of feel like I've been spinning my wheels and was contemplating why I feel like I haven't gotten anything done.  So, I pulled out my calender and took a look.  Here's the reality of June:

Last Week of May/First week of June - We still had our special session of homeschool co-op, baseball, Field Day, and a busy weekend of concerts with Darryl.
1st full week of June - We had to wrap up loose ends with school, choir practice, baseball, a choir concert and a weekend with family
2nd week of June - Vacation Bible School, Baseball, Swimming fun, a Field Trip, an activity at the library and camping!! 

No wonder I feel like it's been crazy!  I was thinking just yesterday that our last "commitment" is wrapping up because the boys last baseball game was Monday night.  . . .but then I remembered swim lessons started Monday morning HA!  So, 2 weeks of  swim lessons, four mornings a week and THEN I think it slows down.  

This week I'm focusing on regrouping, planning, and starting some of those June goals I posted about last week.  The kids need to get some reading time in to earn Library/Bookstore rewards and I need to put together their summer review "binders" to start in July.  

On a side note, you know it's been a busy season when your 7 year old sleeps in until 8;15 and your 8 year old sleeps until 9:00.