Monday, April 9, 2012

Camera Class #2

Welcome back!  Yes, last week as you know I kinda took the week off from blog posting.  I worked hard all day long and went to bed a little earlier than normal so it was kinda nice to not post but . . .I missed my little blog! 

I wanted to share first this week the latest project from my Photography class that I'm currently taking.  Last week we learned about how to make things blurry :-)  Really, the focus was on trying to focus on one item and then make everything else blurry so you really saw that one item.  Our homework was to take 100+ photos of one subject in 30 minutes or less.  I enlisted my husband to be my subject because I knew I needed someone who could stand still and do what I ask HA! 

Here are my favorite photos:

 This is by far my favorite photo manly because what I wanted to do WORKED!!!  I wanted the guitar to be the main focus and everything else, including my husband, to be slightly blurred - it turned out perfectly!!

So this week - I have lots to catch you up on . . .a wedding from a week ago, projects from this past week, a bridal shower I co-hosted, and, of course, Easter Sunday!  I also want to get a Too Cute Not to Toot post up this week and catch you up on what I'm reading!  And, I just realized that I have no more recipes set to post (I was 3 months ahead not long ago!) so I have to get some more recipes up! 

Looking forward to being back in the saddle and writing once again :-)